Links worth clicking: From quotes that dare and inspire to leading with who you help

On Fridays I share my favorite web finds of the week. Enjoy!

65 quotes to dare and inspire

What’s not to love about a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

It’s OK to be feeling this.

Change your DNA with meditation.

My favorite is the happiness kit.

Focus:  Noun versus verb.

Is a bad job worse than no job?

Take a look at this if you’re a woman over 50 looking for reinvention.

Your answers to these three questions could make for a great 2015.

Detached versus non-attachment.

Are you ready to go from employee to entrepreneur?

Lead with who you help.

Live intentionally,

Does your next chapter call for a reinvention?

Many I work with are in the midst of a reinvention. They’re establishing new careers, reevaluating relationships, exploring their creative side, moving across country—or even across the ocean, downsizing and simplifying, starting businesses, going back to school. They’re retiring from careers to pursue callings. Moving beyond empty nests to resurrect differed dreams. Your next chapter […]

Here’s what’s on my 3 x 5 card. What’s on yours?

Here’s what’s on my 3 x 5 card. What’s on yours?

I don’t always have it all together. My perfectionist tendencies sometimes stop by for an unwelcome visit. Knowing all the latest anti-procrastination strategies doesn’t mean I never procrastinate. I can get stuck in my head. Sometimes wanting to see the entire path keeps me from taking the first step. In short, even though I read […]