I highly recommend Jennifer Bailey as a presenter. Ms. Bailey carefully listened to the administrative team and asked excellent questions in order to gain insight into her audience. This translated into a relevant presentation that also engaged the audience with sound advice and real-life examples. Ms. Bailey provided timely information and sent a clear and concise message that our staff was able to immediately implement. Staff report they already have experienced positive results.
Robin Schultz-Purves, MSW
Coordinator for School Age Child Care
Ann Arbor Public Schools

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer gave a fantastic presentation that was informative, inspiring and entertaining—the perfect kickoff for WBO’s first meeting of the new year.  She had the audience hanging on her every word, bringing inspiration, motivation and a few laughs. Every woman in the room heard energizing possibilities for herself in the strategies for reconnecting, recalibrating and recommitting.
Martha King
President, Women Business Owners

I have attended many conferences and seminars and the Tolerations presentation put on by Jennifer Bailey was one of the most unique and useful.  I walked away from this presentation knowing that I did not need to continue to tolerate certain aspects of my life and that I could truly begin to take steps to change them.
Monica Brancheau
President, Junior League of Ann Arbor

Jennifer’s many examples hit home and had us smiling and nodding as we could relate to her message. Thanks to Jennifer’s warmth, open approach and relevant topic, the hour presentation flew by leaving us wanting to hear more. Our group was most fortunate to have Jennifer share her insights and strategies with us!
Debbie Newman
President, Delta Kappa Gamma

Jennifer provided our Radio Show with exceptional content and delivery on the topic of Perfectionism. It was a highly rated one hour show that gave our listeners not only amazing food for thought but action steps they could utilize immediately. Perhaps my favorite insight that Jennifer gave was the reminder that if your only focus is on the destination and not enjoying the journey to get there you may want to rethink how you are getting there.
Cheri Ruskus
Business Coach, Victory Circles

The workshop is so thoughtfully designed and professionally presented by you that it is really special. I felt that you were speaking from the heart and provided a very open and supportive environment for everyone—just the right environment in which growth can occur. You are amazing and inspiring.
Dr. Sue Anderson
Anderson Chiropractor Center

Jennifer Bailey

Your talk was nothing short of inspiring. You completely captured the audience with your energy, your conviction and the undeniable truth of your message. Terrific!
Heidi Martin
Martinsville, IN

Jennifer’s workshop created such a shift in my thinking that I feel like I’m a different person because of it. The awareness I walked away with is life‐changing. Thank you for a wonderfully transforming presentation!
Susan Williams
Lansing, MI

This workshop was a catalyst for lasting change in my life, and I highly recommend it to others.
Jenny Simich
Novi, MI

We were inspired, motivated, empowered, encouraged, and entertained. I am so pleased you were part of this conference!
Carol Harris
Ypsilanti, MI

I learned so much about myself and had some real “aha” moments. Jennifer, you’re approachable, knowledgeable and passionate. Appreciate so much your authenticity!
Katie Pearson
Chicago, IL

Thank you, Jennifer! You really made me think and opened my eyes to how many excuses I’ve been making instead of simply making better choices.
Nicole Burke
Jackson, MI

Jennifer Bailey

I heard new ideas that challenged my old ways of thinking about perfection being a good thing. I’ll never look at striving for perfection the same way again.
Jaeda Allen
Colorado Springs, CO

Very informative & encouraging experience. I felt you were talking about my life when you said a comfort zone can also be called a rut. I’m ready to make some changes!
Harper Evans
Dallas, TX

A wonderful afternoon of reconnecting with myself. I’m always so focused on my business that I’ve gotten lost in the process.
Lynn Scott
Ann Arbor, MI

I don’t know why I’ve always focused on what I don’t do well. After this presentation, I have a whole new way of looking at my strengths and what I’m good at.
Janey Niles
Ypsilanti, MI

Jennifer connects with the audience; she’s dynamic and down to earth at the same time. I’m looking forward to hearing her again.
Silvia Long
Dearborn, MI

Jennifer knocked our socks off! Thanks for a great experience!
Carolyn Evans
Ann Arbor, MI

I walked away inspired and with practical strategies for achieving greater success in my personal and professional life. The workshop was practical, helpful, and flowed well. Very beneficial!
Rashona Sanders
Detroit, MI

Jennifer is a dynamo!
Emily Franklin
Ann Arbor, MI

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer’s passion about the subject matter was contagious.
Shannon Cook
Cleveland, OH

What an impetus for change! This workshop was so practical and relevant. Jennifer is an excellent communicator, and shares her gift of motivation in a powerful way.
Debra Reed
Racine, WI

Time well spent! We all struggle with things that get in the way of our personal and professional development. Jennifer offers a common sense approach to finding clarity.
Brenda Hamilton
Fayetteville, NC

Inspiring! She invites people in with her relaxed style and then delivers a powerful message.
Christina Dunn
Akron, OH

Jennifer’s presentation was energizing and engaging. She gave us concrete takeaways we could implement right away.
Jennifer Hawkins
Eugene, OR

Energetic, insightful, and inspiring.
Lori Murphy
Canton, MI

A real gem! A gifted speaker with a powerful message.
Joyce Carr
South Bend, IN

Jennifer is passionate and inspiring. She drew us in and offered strategies we could really use.
Jean Cunningham
Raleigh, NC

Speakers usually expect too little of an audience, but not in Jennifer’s case. She engaged us to participate. We could have gone on and on!
Patty Wheeler
Ann Arbor, MI

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